Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August Hive 7

I love this Starry Sky block that Lauren requested.  I have seen this done in many ways and it is always stunning.  Hope you like my version!  I left the paper on so you won't have wonky bias edges.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Monica's August Blocks


I finished my August blocks for Monica.  I had not seen this block before so it was the first time making them. Pretty simple to put together and I like the way it looks when you start putting the blocks next to each.  I used a novelty fabric for the red.  Hope you like them and it works with your quilt.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Hive 1 Block for Sue

Hello, it's Diana from Hive 1. Sue, our queen this month, wanted a fun block that had 2 different sized half square triangles with some white sashing. She asked that we keep the block in 2 pieces to give her more options when assembling her quilt. I think it's going to look amazing.

Hive 4 August block

I ended up making two blocks.  I hope I got the colors pretty close...thanks for the guidance using the Kona colors.

Hive 9 August Block for Shelly

Your block is a quick one to make and I'm sure your grandson will have a lot of fun with his new quilt!!  I wish I had done better with the points but I may well come back to this pattern.
Mary Ann

(angel block)

Hive 6 blocks for Mary Ann

I hope these blocks will fit into your plan.  In the mail to you on Monday morning.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hive 2 August Block for Monica

Here is my August block for Monica. I also would never have done this block myself, but it is also on my to do list now. It was so fun putting it together. Hope it plays well with the others!

Greetings from Molly kitty hanging on my youngest son Eliah's graduation quilt. He's all country boy and Molly is my Diva kitty!!   Hugs! Jacqueline

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August for Kristi Hive 5!

Hi all!

I did it!  What great motivation you all provided!  Thanks for keeping me honest!

This block came together really fast, and it was nice to pull out some purples that I have been hanging on to.

I'm excited to see the finished product, Kristi!

Hope everything is going well with you all!

Hive 7: August 2017

Have I said I love paper piecing!

It's a good thing, since Hive #7 has paper pieced a lot in 2017!

This month Lauren chose this fabulous block!

It was certainly fun to do!

Peace to all,

Laura VanVleet

Hive 7 August block for Lauren

This was such a fun block to make. I loved digging throughly scraps for just the right fabric, even a piece of original Katie Jump Rope. I hope you like this. It was a great tutorial.

This went out in today's mail.